RS485/RS422 to Ethernet Serial Server

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This product CQR-ETH8001A is RS485/RS422 to TCP/IP serial server, which integrates a TCP/IP protocol stack, which can realize two-way transparent transmission of network data packets and serial data, with TCP CLIENT, TCP SERVER, UDP CLIENT, UDP SERVER and other four working modes, the serial port baud rate can support up to 921600bps, is a high-speed serial server, supports three power supply methods (POE power supply, terminal power, DC power supply), which can be applied compared to products of the same type Wider voltage input mode. Support 32 RS485/422 devices to work at the same time, more extensive device support. It can be easily configured through the upper computer software (Net Module Config) provided with this product, which is convenient and fast. Products are widely used in industrial automation control systems, access control systems, attendance systems, credit card systems, POS systems, building automation systems, power systems, monitoring systems, data acquisition systems and bank self-service systems.


  • Built-in Ethernet media transport layer (MAC) and physical layer (PHY).
  • DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) This function enables the serial port server to obtain its dynamically assigned IP Address through the DHCP Server, which can avoid IP address conflicts in the internal network segment.
  • Realize two-way transparent transmission of serial data and network data.
  • Support DHCP to automatically obtain IP address and DNS domain name access.
  • The serial port baud rate supports 300bps ~ 921600bps.
  • Support serial port RS232 and full-duplex RS422 and half-duplex RS485 communication.
  • Support 10/100M, full duplex/half duplex adaptive Ethernet interface, compatible with 802.3 protocol.
  • Support Modbus RTU/TCP bidirectional transparent transmission.
  • Transmission distance: RS485/RS422 end transmission distance is 1200 meters, Ethernet port transmission distance is 100 meters.
  • Three power supply modes are supported: DC12V1A power supply; DC9-70V terminal power supply; POE (9-70V) power supply (4, 5 and 7, 8 power supply mode switches).Detachable Power Adapter, 1.5 Metres Cable Length, Supports Power Plugs in the US, UK and EU.
  • Supported operating systems: WindowsXP\Windows7\Windows8\Windows10\Linux\Mac OS and Other Operating Systems.

Interface Description



  • Working voltage: DC-12V
  • Working current: 200mA
  • Working temperature: -20℃~80℃
  • Working humidity: 30%~80%
  • Working mode: TCP SERVER mode
  • Device IP:
  • Subnet mask:
  • Default gateway:
  • Module port: 2000
  • Destination IP:
  • Destination port: 1000
  • Number of reconnections: unlimited
  • Baud rate: 9600
  • Timeout: 0
  • Data bit: 8; Stop bit: 1; Check: None
  • Clear the serial port buffer: never clear

Product Pin Definition Wiring Diagram

Media:CQR-ETH8001A-Product Pin Definition Wiring Diagram.rar

Four Working Modes

Media:CQR-ETH8001A-Four Working Modes.rar

USE of Serial Port Configuration Tool

Media:CQR-ETH8001A-Net Module Config-Software.rar

Media:CQR-ETH8001A-USE of Serial Port Configuration Tool Description.rar

Product Testing

Media:CQR-ETH8001A-Product Testing.rar

Product Size