RS485/RS422/RS232 LORA SSM Data Transceiver

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This product is a multi-functional LORA wireless data transmission transceiver. It adopts LORA spread spectrum modulation method to transmit. It has high performance, high reliability, high stability and low power consumption. It provides high performance for complex environments such as on-site installation and wiring. Performance and low-cost solutions. LORA is a long-distance wireless communication solution. The most prominent feature is long-distance and low power consumption. It breaks through the coverage scenarios that previously required relays to solve. This product uses the wireless 433MHz frequency band for wireless data transmission by default. Supported wireless frequency bands The range is 410MHz-441MHz, and the transmission distance is up to 3 kilometers. Compared with GPRS and 4G solutions, LORA does not require a monthly subscription fee (free application frequency band), and is farther than WIFI and ZIGBEE. Therefore, LORA is more and more widely used in small data and long-distance industrial serial communication. LoRa is excellent in coverage and power consumption. The application scenarios in the Internet of Things are becoming more and more extensive. This product can also achieve one-to-one at the same time. Data transmission is carried out in one-to-many or many-to-many modes without distinguishing the transmitter and receiver.

This product provides standard RS232/RS485/RS422 interfaces, which can be directly used in the following application scenarios through the LORA wireless function.

  • Wireless meter reading, such as: smart electricity meter, smart water meter, smart gas meter, heat meter, etc.;
  • Slowly changing physical quantity (temperature, water pressure, PM2.5, geomagnetic sensor) ultra-low power sensor;
  • Wireless alarm (smoke detector, pyro-infrared);
  • Remote I/O controller (lighting control, air conditioning control);
  • Wireless RS232/485422/Modbus converter;
  • Industrial applications, industrial control machine tools, industrial automation instruments, long-distance irrigation equipment, access control, security control systems, highway platform scale data transmission and other equipment connections.


  • With fixed-point transmission, transparent transmission, air wake-up function, and internal automatic sub-packet transmission.
  • Communication distance: The distance is increased by 3-5 times. This is the most intuitive feeling. The original 433MHz low-power wireless products can hardly cover the blind spots, and LORA can fully cover it. This is the ultimate solution for users to encounter unreliable 433MHz communication.
  • LORA demodulation technology can demodulate data correctly under noise, and the sensitivity can reach -148dBm.
  • Description of communication distance:


  • Operating Voltage: DC9V to 38V
  • Working Current: 100mA@12V
  • Power Supply: Positive inside and outside negative, standard power socket, wide voltage design (9V-38V) power supply, Support plug and terminal type 2 power supply modes. The power supply supports EU, UK and US power plugs.
  • Ambient Temperature: -20 Degree Celsius to 85 Degree Celsius
  • environment Humidity: Less Than80%RH
  • Performance Design: Super anti-electromagnetic interference design
  • Responding Speed: It takes 70 milliseconds to send and receive 1 byte of data in the default wireless configuration of 9600bps.
  • Electrical Protection, Circuit integrated ESD protection: Plus/Minus15KV IEC1000-4-2 air gap discharge; Plus/Minus 8KV IEC1000-4-2 contact discharge.
  • Transmission Distance: The outdoor is unobstructed for 3 kilometers, and the indoor crosses about 5 floors.
  • Frequency Range: 410MHz to 441MHz
  • Wireless Channel: 115
  • Receiving Sensitivity: -140dbm
  • Transmit Power: 20dbm
  • Modulation: Professional software modulation technology
  • Antenna Connection: External SMA male antenna, suction cup antenna 1 meter; working frequency: 433MHz
  • Serial Port Parameters Baud rate: 1200bps to 115200bps; the default baud rate is 9600bps.
  • Support Data Bits: 7, 8, 9, stop bits: 1, 1.5, 2, Parity Bits: Even, None, Odd.
  • Support Data Receiving and Sending Buffer Function: 256byte sending, 256byte receiving.
  • Transmission Distance: RS485/RS422 end transmission distance is 1200 meters, RS232 transmission distance is 15 meters.
  • Interface: RS485/RS422 adopts terminal connection mode; RS232 interface adopts DB9 connection mode.
  • Size L * W * H: 87.13mm*70mm*22.12mm
  • Indicator light Data Sending: Yellow Light; Data Receiving: Green Light.
  • System Support: Supported Operating System WindowsXP \ Windows7 \ Windows8 \ Windows10 \ Linux \ Mac OS Operating System, etc.
  • Configuration Tool: Use Dtech Wifi Config configuration tool, easy to configure in a few steps, you can use it.

Interface Description


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